Simi Valley

We don't just serve Simi Valley. We are located in Simi Valley.  One of our two offices is right here at 2655 First Street, in Suite 250.

Rancho Simi, also known as Rancho San José de Nuestra Senora de Altagarcia y Simi, was a 113,009-acre Spanish land grant in eastern Ventura and western Los Angeles counties given in 1795 to Francisco Javier Pico and his two brothers, Patricio Pico and Miguel Pico. Rancho Simi was the earliest Spanish colonial land grant within Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. The name "Simi" is said to deriver from a Chumash word we will spell "Shimiji."   One of the historical features of the early rancho remains.  The Simi Adobe-Strathearn House, later the home of Robert P. Strathearn, served as the headquarters of the rancho.

José de la Guerra y Noriega, Captain of the Santa Barbara Presidio, purchased Rancho Simi from the Pico family in 1842. A few years after Jose de la Guerra’s death in 1858, the rancho was sold to the Philadelphia and California Petroleum Company headed by Pennsylvania Railroad president, Thomas A. Scott. When no great amount of oil was discovered, Scott began to sell the rancho. In 1887, a portion of the rancho was bought by a newly formed company, the Simi Land and Water Company and the small town was known as "Santa Susana del Rancho Simi." 

Simi Valley is not only beautiful and safe place to live but is also the center of a small industrial firms.   The area saw many firms dedicated to machinery and tools.  The largest employers remain the Simi Valley Unified School District, the Simi Valley Hospital & Health Care, the city itself, AeroVironment Inc., the Rancho Simi Parks & Recreation District, Vons, Albertsons, Meggitt SAfey and Milard Manufacturing. 

Simi Valley, a part of Ventura County, is served by the United States Bankruptcy Court in Santa Barbara.  Our firm is dedicated to helping individuals, families, and businesses seek financial protection and reorganization.  You need a firm that regularly files cases in the Northern Division (the Santa Barbara Court) and doesn't just occasionally send an attorney from Los Angeles or request an appearance attorney.  Knowledge of our local court and the trustee practices in our divisions

2015 Chapter 7 and 13 Filings in Simi Valley by Attorney

Top 12 attorneys by bankruptcy filings in Simi Valley in 2015. All data from PACER - official United States data.  Mailing address of filers in Simi Valley.  

We are highly rated and experienced bankruptcy counsel. We pride ourselves in being the number one firm in terms of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings in Simi Valley. We charge reasonable fees for our experience and knowledge. Let us worry for you.  We are here to help.

Filing figures are taken from public information available through PACER.  We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the Federal filing database, but we believe it is reliable.  We do not mean to imply that the volume of cases filed or handled should serve as the only metric by which one should choose a lawyer.  We do not intend to indicate that the number of cases filed provides a measurement of quality or service.  Figures are for Northern Division of the Central District of California.  Certain law firms have more than one attorney and this may factor into the number of cases filed by that firm.  In addition, the volume of bankruptcy legal work performed by a law firm may include matters that do not result in a "filing."  Such matters may include extensive litigation involvement, creditor representation, appellate work, or other financial distress representation.  Certain attorneys may practice and file in both the Central District of California and other Districts.  An attorney may practice and file in other Divisions in the Central District.  All such data may be useful in reviewing attorney filing data but is not reproduced here.  The chart above is for the calendar year 2015 Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filings for which the debtor's address was in Simi Valley, California.  Many other factors might influence your decision about whom to hire.  We are confident we will do well on any basis.