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Ellen M. Cheney

Andrew S. Mansfield



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Thank you Andrew and Blythe for making this experience much more comfortable and easier to handle. You both made me feel extremely at ease with the process ...


I have to say that Ellen Cheney helped me from my first visit, Professional and astute she guided me through  the process of bankruptcy. I always felt I was in good hands. Each stage of this  experience was explained in a way I could understand and in a very human way. Thank you Ellen.

— Horace M.

Ellen Cheney is one of the most effective and professional attorneys-at-law that I have had the pleasure to meet. She has helped my family and also my company handle several legalities with which we were faced on more than one occasion. Every time I have a question or problem or just need a lawyer.....I go to Higson Cheney and Mansfield.

— Lorelei L.

I have been though two BK’s, and this experience was SOOOO much better than my previous experience. I hope to never have to use Mr. Mansfield for a BK case again but if I had to, he would be the man I would use.
— Matthew S.

Andrew Mansfield service as my lawyer was excellent. Not only was he very diligent attending to all the minor and major details, his calm and assuring manner put me at ease. Blythe his office manager was also very calming and very attentive with every matter. I would totally recommend this company and Andrew. Thanks again Andrew for your exception outstanding professional service.

— K.J.

I had Mr. Mansfield working on my case, and he is truly amazing. Very helpful, and took away all the stress I had. I totally would recommend this firm to anyone going through bankruptcy!

— Danielle B.

* By the way, we'd tell you our lawyers made us add that last sentence, but that would be us.  That seems a bit self-referential.