Our Technology Today Serves Your Economic Future

We think it is important that you choose a firm that understands technology and the benefits it brings to your case.  As we remain on the technology forefront, we agree with a 450 year old observation: "knowledge itself is power."*  In bankruptcy, knowledge provides that extra assurance that vehicle and property valuations are accurate, the way property held is reviewed, judgments and liens retrieved, and a complete list of available creditors included.

We will recommend the various credit, judgment, lien, and tax data services that we believe are minimally necessary during your free one hour consultation.  We will also recommend those additional sources of data and searches that would serve you and your bankruptcy but would incur an additional charge.  Don't worry, an in-depth three-bureau creditor report with current and predictive FICO® scores is always obtained.**  

Detailed and Advanced Use of Credit Reports . . .

Our credit reports don't just show us your creditors. The credit reports we offer project your FICO® score, the industry standard score for assessing your ability to service debt in the future. We are often pleasantly surprised that our clients' scores go up after filing for bankruptcy. Our credit reports also provide provisional information from public records from three separate sources to find prior bankruptcies, judgments, and liens. While no system is fool-proof, we do our best to use the information in these reports to search for medical collections and lawsuit information, as well.

Don't get us wrong. It goes without saying that we rely on our clients to bring us complete records and as many documents concerning individual debt as possible. But our practice relies on technology and data-driven solutions to give our best effort to not miss information you might have forgotten about.

Rapid Retrieval of Tax Transcripts . . .

Determining whether taxes can be discharged is precision work. Those determinations are based on many factors and it is often through tax transcripts that we find that information. One of the various services we use can deliver to us personal and corporate tax information in only one to two days. Form 1040 individual/joint tax transcripts, W2 Statement of Earnings and withholdings, 1099 Statement of Earnings, 1120 corporate tax transcripts, and Verification of Filing (VOF) are available.

Extensive Data Services and Searches . . .

If appropriate to the case, we provide the following products as a matter of course to help plan your bankruptcy filing.

     - Experian Credit Data
     - TransUnion Credit Data
     - Equifax Credit Data
     - Bankruptcy-Specific Department Addresses
     - Basic Search for Public Records
     - Address & Employment Details
     - Bureau Alert Messages
     - LexisNexis® Risk Solutions
     - 8-Year Bankruptcy Search Judgment
     - Basic Search for Liens & Lawsuits
     - CreditXpert® Data
     - Primary Debtor Current Credit Score
     - Primary Debtor Predictive Post-Bankruptcy Credit Score
     - Secondary Debtor Current Credit Score
     - Secondary Debtor Predictive Post-Bankruptcy Credit Score

Post-Bankrutpcy Credit Assurance . . .

We partner with one of our data providers to offer you, at cost, post-bankruptcy credit reporting, monitoring, and assistance. CIN issues to you a report 45 days after a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 discharge. The report provides merged data from Experian, TransUnion and Equifax and a summary of the accounts included in bankruptcy. CIN provides you with a credit score analysis.

There is no magic fix for credit after bankruptcy. Don't be taken in by credit "repair" services either before or after filing. CIN offers something different. They assign a representative to work with you to dispute genuine errors to the credit bureaus.

CIN also offers 12 months of credit monitoring provided by Experian, email and text alerts of errors or changes, and notices regarding newly opened accounts



*Sir Francis Bacon. Meditationes Sacrae (1597).

**You will be able to choose whether or not to purchase the additional data and information we provide.  This level of thoroughness and scope of research may add a small amount to your bankruptcy fee.  In certain cases, we may decline to proceed if the client will not agree to obtain data necessary to meet our obligations to conduct diligence before filing the case.  Three-bureau credit reports, a public records search, and property records and property valuation diligence are conducted as a matter of course within the basic fee for the bankruptcy.