We file hundreds of cases a year and bring great experience to our practice. We are a leader by the number of cases filed and successfully concluded.


Mansfield Law Corporation was founded in 2010 but the firm carries forward a tradition of excellence, training, and culture that dates back many decades.  This history is exemplified in the firm's evolution through three corporate names since its founding.  We are proud of the service of those that preceded us in the firm.  That length of service to our local community and proud tradition means we routinely file more Chapter 7 and 13 cases than any other firm in the Northern Division.  The facts and figures speak for themselves. Our attorneys filed over three hundred bankruptcy cases in 2014.  No other firm even approached that level of bankruptcy activity.  Andrew S. Mansfield is committed to carrying on the legacy of the firm and he has benefited from the firm's rich history.

We aren't here to brag.  We are here to serve.  But our experience in the last two years filing nearly twice as many cases in our division as any other firm in the region helps us serve you.

Mansfield Law Corporation is more than the attorneys currently practicing at the firm.  It is a law corporation with tradition of community service and a focus on bankruptcy that benefits from a rich history.


Factual substantiation and source data is available.  Please review such information to place the use of data in context when selecting a law firm.  We do not mean to imply that the volume of cases filed or handled should serve as the only metric by which one should choose a lawyer.  We do not intend to indicate that number of cases filed provides a measurement of quality or service.  Figures are for Northern Division of the Central District of California and are provided by law firm, not by attorney.  The date range and geographic reach of figures on bankruptcy filings and other objective metrics is provided to assist you.  Certain law firms have more than one attorney and this may factor into the number of cases filed by that firm.  Objective measurements of volume and case load may be one fact among others that you wish to consider in selecting counsel.  We encourage you to consider others.  We are confident in our ability to serve you.


Bankruptcy is about new beginnings.


Mansfield Law Corporation is dedicated to treating every client with dignity, respect, and care. We aren't here to judge and certainly not to criticize. We know that living through a financial crisis that appears to have no solution is difficult.  It is hard to live in the face of uncertainty and without a plan.  You might feel lost, cornered, and confused.  We know a personal financial crisis can be overwhelming.  

By placing your trust in us, we can free you from many of the obligations blocking your progress.  We can help you push through barriers and forge a new financial life.  We will design a bankruptcy plan that works for you and fully explain the process and your options.  We provide custom solutions and personal care.  It makes a difference.  

We hope you will feel the difference when we meet with you. Don't wait to get started if you need help.  Face the future with us and use the protections afforded by the Bankruptcy Code to start again with a renewed commitment to financial success.


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